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In cooperation with reputable law firms, 24/7 Business Support platform provides comprehensive support to its clients when setting up a limited liability company on a turnkey basis. The Serbian limited liability company (LLC) is widely used for starting a business in Serbia. It is a legal entity where all the shareholders have a limited liability, based on their contributions and it is suitable for small and medium businesses. For a private limited liability company in Serbia, the founders must provide a minimum share capital of RSD 100,00, i.e. EUR 01,00.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is minimum share capital?

This is one of the most attractive forms of business, first and foremost because of the minimal capital needed (100,00 RSD)

What is the minimum number of shareholders?

There must be a minimum of 1 shareholder.

How long does it take to incorporate in Serbia?

The process of a Serbian company incorporation takes around 3 weeks if all the documents are properly submitted and on time.

What is the rate of corporate tax?

In Serbia corporate tax rate is 15%.

How much is dividend tax?

Dividend tax is 15% and the taxable base is 85% of the profit (profit after corporate tax).

How much is VAT?

The standard VAT rate is 20% for most taxable supplies. A reduced VAT rate of 10% applies for basic food stuffs, daily newspapers, medicines, publications, public transportation services, utilities, etc.

How many double tax treaties does Serbia have?

The Republic of Serbia has 61 Treaties on the avoidance of double taxation signed. Most of the Treaties have been signed with European countries.

Is the registered address mandatory for registration of LLC?

A local registered office address is also mandatory for Serbia business setup. This address must maintain statutory and accounting records of the company.

Is the information about beneficial owners publicly available?

Yes, because anonymity enables many illegal activities, such as tax evasion, corruption, money laundering, and financing of terrorism, to take place out of the view of law enforcement authorities. 

Whether a director shall be a Serbian person?

No, there are no restrictions with regard to a nationality of a director.

E-signature required?

A qualified electronic signature is specifically required for signing documentation filed to the Serbian Business Registers Agency, e.g. for the submission of the registration form for incorporation of the company, registration of an ultimate beneficial owner or submitting annual financial statements

Is it required to keep financial statements?


Foreign-ownership allowed?

The legal entity in Serbia can be established by any person – private or legal person, regardless of citizenship. The possibility to establish a business entity in Serbia, is the same for everyone, without any limitations or special conditions regarding the country of origin

Any tax exemptions available?

Yes, numerous tax incentives and exempts have emerged in the Serbian business environment in the past couple of years,
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