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Before you move to Serbia, you should familiarize yourself with the entry requirements and the procedures for obtaining a residence permit. Whether or not you need a visa to enter Serbia mainly depends on three different factors: the planned length of your stay, your nationality, and your reason for visiting or relocating.

Thousands of foreign companies operate in Serbia, and according to official records from 2021, every tenth owner out of total number of active companies, foundations and associations is a foreigner. Economically, Serbia is well positioned in the region, with access to over one billion consumers through free-trade agreements and an advanced road network. It’s also strong in several sectors, such as agriculture and food and IT services, which are predicted to see growing demand over the coming decades.

And the country is moving toward membership in the European Union. Serbia signed free trade agreements with Turkey, the Eurasian Economic Union (which includes Russia), the other non-EU Balkan states, has nearly free trade with the EU, and preferential agreements with the US and Japan. Additionally, it is a member of the Chinese Belt & Road initiative which is resulting in a lot of infrastructure development for Serbia.

Finally, Serbia also has one of the few passports granted visa-free access to the EU, Russia, Japan, and China

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Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1 – Do I need any visa to enter Republic of Serbia?

Check do you need any visa to enter Republic of Serbia and how long your visit without any visa can last, via following link:

Step 2 – Do I need D-visa before entering Republic of Serbia?

If you are EU and/or Schengen zone citizen – you can skip this step. Also, Russian citizens are released of obligation to have D-visa in advance.

If you are non-EU citizen and out of Schengen zone, it is probably necessary to have D-visa before coming to Republic of Serbia.

D visa is long-stay visa/visa for employment, with duration of 180 days. It is pre-condition to apply for temporary residence in Republic of Serbia for non-EU citizens and out of Schengen zone countries. In order to get D-visa, you would need to find
employer in Republic of Serbia, while we are at your disposal to provide you with full support in
D-visa process. More about visa requirements, you can find via following link:

Step 3 – Do I need temporary residence in Republic of Serbia?

If you are willing to stay in Republic of Serbia more than 90 days, take a closer look in this step.

Temporary residence lasts up to 1 year and it can be extended non-limited number of times. For temporary residence, you will need base, which can be found in: employment, self-employment
(company/entrepreneur establishment), owning a property in Republic of Serbia, family reunification, studies etc.

More about temporary residence process in Republic of Serbia you can find via following link:

Step 4 – Do I need working permit in Republic of Serbia?

If you are willing to be employed or self-employed in Republic of Serbia, take a closer look in this step.

Duration of your working permit will be aligned with duration of temporary residence or D-visa permit, as pre-conditions to apply for working permit.

There are two main types of working permits, with several sub-types:
– working permit for employment which your employer in Republic of Serbia needs to engage you legally (based on employment / non-employment engagement / referral of employer aboard etc.);

– working permit for self-employment, which you will need as an entrepreneur or owner of the company. Working permit process implies Labor Market Stress Test in Republic of Serbia (in case of employment), drafting employment or other applicable contract and providing National Employment Service in Republic of Serbia, with relevant guarantees regarding accommodation of employee, nourishment during work etc.

If you need more detailed information or support regarding any shown step, do not hesitate to contact us.


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